Membership agreement

Gold Coast Meds is a licensed medical cannabis collective and dispensary, and is in full compliance with all State of California and County of Ventura laws and regulations. We value our high priority on protecting the legal rights of all Gold Coast Meds patients. In order to provide both the patients and staff of Gold Coast Meds with the greatest degreeof legal protection, we request that you read, understand, and sign the following before becoming a member of Gold Coast Meds and using our services.

Gold Coast Meds(GCM) is a non-profit organization.  GCM is composed entirely of legally qualified medical cannabis patients and caregivers who have chosen to collectively and cooperatively associate with each other in order to more effectively provide for their health care need, including but not limited to, the cultivation of medical cannabis (CA H&S Cd. 11362.775). 

We take pride in providing our members with safe and professional services. To ensure the quality remains for all members we ask for these guidelines to be followed:

•   All medicine obtained from Gold Coast Meds is for the personal use of the member/patient and may not be used/distributed or resold to any non    member.

•   Procurement will not exceed the limits designated as personal consumption for the qualified patient.

 •   Members and staff are to treat each other in a respectful and courteous manner at all times. Abusive or threatening behavior is  prohibited.

 •   A valid government issued identification and doctor’s medical recommendation must be presented to staff for all services.

•   To ensure patient privacy, only members are to interact with staff upon delivery of medicine. Any non member is prohibited.

•   Delivery fees may be assessed if the order has not exceeded the minimum charge, redelivery due to non responsive patient (phone calls, text, etc), and out of the area deliveries.

•    No refunds, returns, or exchanges of medicine. 

Here at Gold Coast Meds we want to make sure we exceed the expectations for all of our members. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, concerns, or positive feedback on any of our services or products. We would love to hear from you.